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2022-01-31 - Dickgirl Page Rewrite

The "What's a Dickgirl?" page has been updated. It originally stated dickgirl was not a slur, and ignored a large amount of infighting over whether or not the term is appropriate at all. I argue it is, and have rephrased a large chunk of the article to accomodate this.

TikTok page in the aforementioned update wasn't uploaded. That is now fixed.
I am also working on an "updates" page that will dynamically simply read off this RSS feed and display the results using server-side PHP. Shouldn't be too difficult, it'll just take some work to get done.

Planned updates: Including 2014 non-binary stat in the "What Is Trans?" page and research to determine origin date of the frequently-used "transgender" definition, as well as the aforementioned "updates" page.

2022-01-26 - Menu Rework and new TikTok page

Menu is now redone. It is invisible by default, you have to manually open it. This is because real estate was growing big enough that Congress had to pass new eminent domain laws to justify its expansion. Or something like that. Anyway, I made a mention of this on both the Index page and the new TikTok page, so people that land on either will get it (though I need 1,000 followers to put a link in my bio and I haven't gotten there yet!)

Speaking of! There's now a TikTok landing page so people actually know where they're going when they get there fresh and get all the important info, instead of me just going like "click this, then this, then here..." Yeah. Updates to this landing page might not always make it in this RSS feed, but I'll try to remember. Some things might just be rapid-fire quick edits of the "fix first, ask questions later" variety. I mean the menu rework was predicated on me having to get the Shadowban playlist linked without it being profane.

Oh yeah, that exists now too. For those that aren't on TikTok, I made the dumb mistake of putting the word "titty" on a video description, and TikTok took me off of EVERYONE's "For You" page. The ONLY video views I got for that video and the one after were from people viewing my profile. Put a video out going like "hey can you interact with a bunch of shit and give me your song recommendations in the comments?" and the engagement seemed to make it do well. I'll put a test vid out after I finish this update and test the waters, but all songs from that comments section are now on the Shadowban playlist. So far they're all pretty good. No one's rickrolled me yet. I can't complain much.

There are still planned updates for the "What Is Trans?" and "Dickgirl" pages that I haven't done yet.

2022-01-25 - Site Overhaul

Several updates have happened in the past few days, thanks in large part to a new unit tester I am using for my site:

  1. All canonical links in the metadata now correctly point to HTTPS instead of HTTP
  2. The "Sex and Gender" canonical link was also corrected
  3. RSS feed has been added
There are also several more updates planned, in no particular order:
  • Collapsible menu. This may or may not use back-end code to auto-expand whatever section you are currently in, and may or may not visually show what page you are on. Still in the planning phase of this, but this menu is getting VERY out of hand.

  • Tweak "What Is Trans?" page to include the Google Trends link from the "problem with gendered terms" page that cites non-binary recognition as starting in February 2014, which is hugely important for historical context. Major sections of that article might need to be rewritten, and I also need to research where the current definition of transgender originates from as well as when it was made.

  • Fully rewrite the Dickgirl page to focus on reclaiming the term, since it was recently brought to my attention that the term is a slur and predates my coming up with it.

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