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Help Wanted

Sometimes I'm given a rumor of a lead rather than the lead itself, and I'm unable to find that lead. Other times, search engines have no idea what I'm on about and we're having two different conversations. For these, I really only need the right keyword, or right spot to look, before I can look further. Other times (such as the laser hair removal documentation), it's just a matter of "you only get one shot" while transitioning, and if someone else is able to document it better than I can, I'm VERY happy to guide them on what I learned from doing it wrong in the hopes they can do it better. Then there's just the "I haven't gotten there yet" ones. Where I know something's a thing, I just haven't researched it enough to write an article on it, if at all. So, if someone has done the research and can help me skip the line, I'm all in favor of that!

There's probably other scenarios too, but frankly I only had the three entries when I wrote this intro. Anyway, here's what you can help me with! If you have the means / ability to help, your best bet is to let me know either on TikTok or wherever the TikTok Landing Page tells you to contact me on as it'll be the same spot.

Delay in Physical Changes Without T-Blockers

While we know full well Spironolactone does quite horrid things to the physical side of a transfem's body, and itself hinders progress. I caught wind from exactly one transfem that physical changes were "delayed" or even "prevented" if a T blocker wasn't used at all. She provided zero sources when asked to back up her claim, nor even any acncedotal evidence, and I haven't seen nor heard from her since. Given my physical changes match the standard timeline despite not taking T blockers since month four of my transition, and the "The Case Against Spironolactone" article I've linked to, I have far more evidence to the contrary than I do in support of her claim, as even just the ancedotal evidence of "I'm still changing at a normal and expected rate" is more than the exactly zero evidence she offered.

This claim also dismisses outright that different T-blockers work in different ways. Finasteride and Bicalutamide block entirely different types of Testosterone, for example. And it also ignores that Estrogen itself can be administered in different ways: E1 and E2 levels are different depending on if you go with sublingual Estradiol or injectible forms. Given all the moving parts, a blanket statement like she made in direct contrast to the evidence I have set off my bullshit meter. After trying to come up with evidence either for or against the claim, it's clear that search engines at least were not able to be fruitful.

The only reasonable conclusions I can draw is that either 1) she was making shit up (which, believe it or not, happens way more often than you'd think in transsexual support circles), 2) she regurgitated someone else's made-up bullshit without bothering to check and see if it was factual before sharing it, or 3) she had a fundamental mixup in T-blockers and puberty blockers. In both of the first two scenarios, it sounds plausible in your head, but fails under scrutiny miserably. Frankly, it became pretty clear pretty immediately in my interactions with her that she was used to her own echo chambers where you could say anything with confidence and as long as it sounded plausible it went unchallenged, so when that statement landed as boldly as it did — given the very quick way she popped in, said a couple quick things, then dropped that bombshell — being in a chatroom full of people that knew what they were talking and challenged that assertion made her uncomfortable enough to ghost the server and/or leave within an hour of first interacting with it.

But, on the rare chance there's credence to her words, I am presenting an open call for anyone else who's heard of this phenomenon — and, of course, can point to where they heard it from so I can learn more about it — to provide me with sources so I can investigate this further.

Technical differences in Estradiol delivery methods

One of the many, many helpful things about being in that chatroom described above is that people who know what they're talking about really tend to know what they're talking about, and can explain it in well enoguh detail to know that you have a lot to learn on the subject. While I am aware as a direct result of one such transfem that injectible and sublingual forms of Estradiol affect Estrogen blood levels (and its different types) in different ways, I'm not clear on the technical differences in how it all works, and all the benefits / drawbacks that each delivery system provides. This is purely because I haven't tried to understand it yet, not at all because the information isn't readily out there. As a result, this entry is one of those "if you beat me to the punch..." type deals, as I'm sure this one is easy enough to find, I just haven't had a reason to look it up yet.

Laser Hair Removal Progress Pics

See my own progress pics/vids for an example on what I've done so far. If you haven't started laser hair removal yet, and want to document your process, please note four things:

1) I WILL NOT share material that shows any genitalia. Showing the area around the genitals is more than fine, but the cock'n'balls themslves, or even the titties, is something I absolutely REFUSE to show or link to on this site.

2) Your best bet is to shave normally until precisely three weeks (21 days)** after laser, at which point you start growing your hair out for exactly a week (7 days), then take pictures. If you are open to the idea, talking about it on video is also helpful — and if not, writing about how the process went for you is also helpful, from how many passes over each area they do, to when/if they increase the intensity, really any detail, more detail is better than less in this case. The reason for the timing of three weeks vs. the first week is because the hair follicles largely grow out and fall out within the first couple weeks, but largely week three is the week where hair growth is at its lowest. **I am not yet able to confirm yet if long-term progress matches week three or week 4.5, but this number is subject to change to later on in each laser removal session "break" period.

3) PLENTY of lighting, and a VERY clear camera. Front camera is more than fine, but if the pictures are low resolution, dark, blurry, etc., there's really not much of a point to me hosting them. Zoom in on the ones I've posted on Imgur and you'll notice that you can make out every hair on my face, many even slightly below the skin as well. I don't expect you to invest in a point-and-shoot, let alone a DSLR either. Mine were ALL taken on my LG V60. If you can't get it looking as detailed and clear as mine, I can still help you document it for yourself, but the entire point of me getting results from someone else is so my pictures can be — in theory, anyway — straight-substitued for someone else's entirely, but with a more honest comparison due to better timing.

4) For the most honest reflection of how it works, taking a "baseline" set of pictures before laser hair removal starts at all is ideal. This is something I didn't do myself, but should have.

If you decide to do this, absolutely let me know plenty of time in advance before you start laser at all if possible so I can help you get the best results.

And again, if you can help me with any of this, reach out either on TikTok or wherever the TikTok Landing Page points you to as a "go-to". Any/all help is ALWAYS appreciated!!!