I'm Julietta, baby!

TikTok Stuff

Oh hey! You found this! Few things, if you click the "OPEN MENU" thing on the left, you can open the menu. NOVEL CONCEPT right??? Click it again and it CLOSES. Wow! You already know this! How bout that. But more importantly, all my socials are in that menu. I answer DM's on Discord (@Julietta#5397) WAY faster than I do on TikTok, but you gotta Friend Request me on there. I WILL be asking you who you are when you do, this is a public website after all. Just obey Wheaton's Law and you're good (the "don't be a dick!" one).

ANYwho, I don't really have a whole lot here yet. The playlists I've mentioned on the Clock App forever ago are under the "TikTok Stuff" header. Check 'em out!

Want a cool 4k-sized Windoge 10 wallpaper? It's on imgur fam!

For people that want a bigger dick, and are AMAB, check out this page for how to do it for 100% free and zero requirement for any credit card details either. No this page wasn't hacked (I hope, anyway), I've just gotten actual results with this route and I know invariably there will be a curious AMAB that actually wants that info and will stumble across this page. Or maybe I mentioned it in a TikTok or in the comments section of one.

Want to know my size for reference? Grab the cardboard tube from an empty paper towel roll, measure out 7", cut there, and you have a life-size replica. Same length, same width. Originally it was 5.75" before I made it bigger (again, see that article), so there's that. Ideally I'll get it up to 8", I'm just lazy at the moment. All measurements are skin-pressed, if I pushed it to the pubic bone all measurements would be an inch larger.

Remember when I said my pornstar name was Holly Reigns? There is literally no one that goes by that stage name. It was just the first thing that came to mind. Oddly surprising how that's not a real one. Anyway, if you decide to use that name, you are obligated under the bylaws of "dibs" to only do so as a furry version or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with an "access" hole for your junk to stick out of. Seriously, Holly Reigns is an amazing Christmas pun of a name, I refuse to let that one go to waste.

Beyond that, uh. Watch this space I guess? I have an RSS feed if ya want updates as they happen. Just like, discover it or whatever. You could also just click "Site Updates" in the menu, which parses the RSS directly on-the-fly so it's exactly the same content and updates in realtime.