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How To Get a Bigger Dick For FREE

Not a gimmick, no credit card needed, no "catch", just results. Sounds too good to be true right? Maybe this will help: it does take effort, and time, and a good schedule. You CAN fuck it up, so you gotta be careful. and depending on how much of a difference you want, it could take a few months, maybe a few years. I also only had luck in length, never girth (though others have had success in both areas).

There's a reason it's called Penile Exercising — you are literally exercising it much like a muscle. You could technically buy a jelqing roller, or lube to make it easier, but I did it dry and never had issues (though I also have quite a bit of loose skin thanks to foreskin restoration attempts to be completely fair). When I first did this in 2011, I got 3/4" of length that I've never lost all these years later. I then got more serious with it, using a heating pad to warm up for example (last time I didn't), and after a month or two added another half inch. My "ideal" size would be another inch but I don't have much of an inclination at the time to do more.

Let me repeat that in case you missed it: I've gotten results. A decade ago. That are still there. For free. This is why I'm writing about this: this shit works.

One of the biggest pieces of advice stems from a guy that's been in the game a while and is now a coach for others to do the same (which is paid, and no, you do not need a coach, which is why he will remain unnamed): treat your penis like a bicycle tire. There's two main elements involved: jelqing and stretching. Jelqing puts more pressure in the tube of the tire, while stretching makes the tire itself bigger. That means if your boners aren't as stiff as you want them to be, focus on jelqing and put stretching on hold. If they're pretty stiff and you're ready for more length, focus on stretching while still jelqing.

What's stretching and jelqing? Well, let me just point you to the book on the subject. Don't worry, I'm also linking to a free PDF download (which you can google yourself if ever the link goes dead -- "[book name] pdf download" gets you wonders on Google and Yandex). I downloaded the free version long enough ago that stature of limitations has expired, though I do also have a physical copy of the book that came with a BathMate pump. Side note, I cannot recommend pumps, they are all equally shit and results are very temporary at best, injurious at worst.

- Google Books - Exercising The Penis (details for a physical copy if you so choose)
- PDF Drive - Free Download (PDF, ePub, Mobi)
- PEGym.com forums

I know, the PDF download is just scanned pages, no searchable content, but free is free can you really complain? Also that last one is a forum dedicated to the subject and keeping all info in it free. Wealth of knowledge, but really only for the hyperfixation crowd. I was able to get good results just by sticking with the beginners routine and nothing more. Oh, and do yourself a favor: measure bone-pressed always, and save those measurements somewhere where you can reference them years from now. You'll thank me later.

To all AMAB dickgirls out there -- or even non-trans AMAB's that want a longer dick -- you're fucking welcome. Just uh. Don't... don't go telling anyone that doesn't need it for literal survival okay? Enjoy being in the bigger category without much competition.