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Good stuff to buy!

List of good stuff to buy, tested by myself or others I trust. None of this is sponsored, no one's paid me nor approached me to be included, this is just stuff I've found and tried. The only exception are things denoted with asterisks, which are recommendations made to me -- two asterisks if recommended by a trans woman, one asterisk if recommneded by someone who isn't a trans woman. I haven't personally tried anything with asterisks.

Pride Flag SD* — Quality hand-stitched pride flags. Tired of yours shredding apart after a few months? Try these!

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets — Surgery scars suck. Although I haven't had any at time of writing, these cleared up some of my oldest and longest-lasting scars, and I've heard wonders about them. Check out the review pics even!

TomboyX Tucking Bikinis — pricey for sure, but for a swimsuit that hides your junk, it works REALLY well. Remember, if tucking with a gaffe hurts, this will too. Quality is incredible and they also sell tops.

BBLAIR Gaffe Tucking Panties — Solidly-built, works REALLY well also. Still pricey, and may or may not be suitable for swimming. The Amazon product pages seem to indicate it's not a good bikini bottom, however the placard that came in the set I ordered said it was fine for this use case.

More to come!