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What's This "Dickgirl" Thing All About?

When I first came to the realization that I was a transsexual in November-ish 2020, I found that I effectively wanted to become a shemale. But this term is a nasty slur, and didn't quite fit right either. I had considered all the slurs, from trap, to tranny, to "chick with a dick" and that's when it hit me, why not rephrase that last one to be short, concise, and rather fun? Thus, dickgirl was born, with a flag to match.

A dickgirl specifically refers to a transsexual that finds sexual identity in the physical form of breasts and a penis. This is a term that inherently falls under the trans umbrella, but a rather limited subset of it. Most commonly, the penis is a source of gender euphoria, though it is possible to simply be indifferent to having a penis. You do NOT need to have testicles to be considered a dickgirl, and in fact some dickgirls may have gender-nonconforming surgeries done to provide both a penis and a vagina (a process known as "penile preservation vaginoplasty"). It is also important to note that transgender women that have gender dysphoria from their penis do not fit the definition, and neither do transgender individuals against medical transition (hence the transsexual requirement — more on the distinction between transgender and transsexual here) and as well, it is up to the individual if they wish to use this term. This part is key — just because an AMAB transsexual doesn't pursue bottom surgery does NOT make them a dickgirl. Similarly, just because an AFAB transsexual has pursued bottom surgery but not top surgery does not make them a dickgirl either. It's an identity like any other.

Oh I'm sorry you've been waiting for the flag that I talked about? What do you want, an SVG vector or a high-res PNG image? Choose wisely, one might be 283 bytes, but the other is close to two thousand bytes, which is like, two whole kilobytes. Look a 1,500x1,000 PNG is gonna cost ya a bit more than something you can just scale as needed. That's what you get for living in the stone age.

And now you wanna know what it means? My my you greedy bastard, here's the short of it: Deep pink for female upper half, blue for male lower half, and black-white-black for mascara eyes cuz dickgirl is beautiful, baby! Those are all the CSS names too. I think, anyway, "deep pink" might be sketchy, just use #FF1493 for it.

Unfortunately, there is still a mild amount of controversy over whether or not using a gender with a body part in one single term is a good idea at all, with some arguing that the word dickgirl itself is a slur. They are wrong, however. A great metric for whether or not something is a slur is the prevelance of people educating about how bad that word really is. Fire up Google and search for "Is Queer a slur?" and the first page of results on a blank slate has articles from mostly-reputable places outright saying "yes, it is." Replace Queer with that racial slur (you know the one) and you are presented with education about just how harmful that word is. Replace it with dickgirl, and.... well, you don't actually have anybody writing articles specific to the term. In fact, it's mostly lumped in with other stuff, and even then half the time it's marked as "not offensive". There's really only one spot that seems to suggest it is, alongside terms like Shemale or Tranny — the /r/truscum subreddit, which feels not only like a terrible judge of character, but even then had to lump it in with two words that are decidedly slurs.

Unlike "Queer" or... well, that racial slur again... Dickgirl is a descriptive term, i.e. the word itself describes a concept — a girl with a dick. It does so accurately as well, unlike Shemale which still has "male" as a main component and is describing "male who thinks they're a 'she'," the very notion of which is transphobic and dismissive (read: offensive). Dickgirl seeks to be inclusive rather than exclusive in this regard. If describing a concept itself is offensive to you, then our existence by very virtue is offensive, and there's really no way for an article like this to get your thinking out of the hateful past. Regardless, reclamation of slurs is an ongoing process within the community itself. The most important thing to remember is that the intended use case of dickgirl are transexuals that find their sexual (or physical) identity from having breasts and a penis.

Without a name for this, there is no visibility. This lack of visibility — the notion that "I love my penis so I can't be trans, right?" — kept me in the closet for twenty years longer than I should have been. There is literally no word I could pick that wouldn't offend someone in some capacity, due to the concept that it describes being offensive to so many. And if you truly believe it to be a slur, then the only way to reclaim any slur at all is to make a LOT of people uncomfortable. Be aware that some transsexuals won't be comfortable with you using this term to describe yourself. But remember, you're already making people uncomfortable by simply being transsexual at all. We are a minority within a minority. You WILL get shit for it. But that doesn't invalidate who you are.

Dickgirl is fun. Dickgirl is grand. Don't abuse it!