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T Blockers Are Bad — Why I'm Not On Them

The Case Against Spironolactone is an extremely well-researched article on the topic of why T blockers should not be used that someone shared with me. I highly recommend starting there.

Ancedotally, Spiro is a beta blocker, which by default really messes with moods. I was struggling to get my bipolar under control while on it, and had resorted to serious self-harm while on it. After stopping, my doctor put me on Finesteride, which doesn't cause any mood problems. The issue with Finesteride is that it seriously kills libido and doesn't really allow for erections to occur. As a dickgirl, this was problematic, and after finding this article, I decided to stop taking T blockers entirely.

While it's only been a few months as of press time (November 2021, and I stopped T blockers 2-3 months ago), I haven't noticed any backwards changes. Body hair is still lightweight compared to before, skin is still soft, effectively only two differences between being on and off Finesteride are that off Finesteride I get erections, and I also have ejaculate. The only two differences between being on Spiro and off Spiro that I could tell are that my moods have greatly improved being off Spiro, and I have ejaculate which I did not before. I genuinely am not sure if I pee less frequently, that was never really an issue for me.